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My sister stopped her foot as it was pressing the bulge trying to rip it's way out of her panties that I was wearing. Utilizing her foot along with elsa jean creampie (visit the following site) the panties she had just taken off to rub my rock tough, panty covered dick she continued to rub her thighs with both her hands, keeping our eye contact.

She also gave me time to adapt to the whole scene before eventually asking me to put on the panties she had just removed.

I caught my sister's foot, ran my hands up her thighs elsa jean creampie as I raised my panty covered foot to my face and began to sniff the crotch of her panties. Together with her sexy panties that near my head I could now feel the heat from her pussy and enjoy her sexy, wanton, odor as I rubbed her leg. With my tongue to explore the crotch of her hot panties I was able to taste my own sister's sweet juices out of her hot panties.

Continuing to use my tongue I pulled the panties closer into my mouth and then applied my lips and teeth to pull them into my mouth.

I scooted closer to my sister afterward and rested her foot on my chest as I grew up slightly off the chair to remove the panties I had been wearing. My thick, extremely hard, dick almost jumped out of the underwear and ripped like a diving board. I pulled the panties down enough that I can slide them off. With my sister's high heeled foot resting on my torso, I raised my knees before shooting her panties from my mouth. I stayed in that position since I took the panties from my mouth to place them on. My sister and I lost eye contact, and her high heel covered foot left my chest, in fact, I leaned forward some more in order to grow the strain of her heel into my chest.

I pulled on the panties my sister had removed, stuffed my dick in the underwear, and chased caressing my sister's leg just as far up as I can reach.

As I did this my sister spoke again. Now that you have my panties on, is that in which you need to prevent?

I was again shocked, but not shocked I was not able to observe the substantial jolt of my dick that pushed out my sister's panties far enough that my bulbous dickhead trapped out of the very top of the panties.